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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to connect the Ignition (light blue) wire?

Yes – The system must see 12 volts on the Ignition wire to power up, UNLESS the operator is operating the system via a Bluetooth® connected device.

How can I confirm that I have chosen an appropriate circuit to connect my Ignition wire to?

Look for the bottom LED (on the power module) to be illuminated when the key is turned to ACC or Ignition position. If it is not, then you must choose another circuit so that you have 12 volts when the key is in either of those positions.

Should the backlighting stay on after I have turned the key off?

No – this indicates that you have connected your Ignition wire to a circuit that provides 12 volts, even when the key is off. Installing in this manner can result in draining your battery.

What is the best source for grounding the system?

ALWAYS the negative terminal on the battery. No other option will provide sufficient protection and filtering for our system.

Can I mount my power module on its back?

No – this will allow water to collect on the connector, and may cause water intrusion over a long period of time. This will NOT be covered under warranty.

Should I use a Fuse Block for my output wires?

No – connecting our output wires to a fuse block subjects the wires to water and corrosion, and essentially takes our Solid State, watertight system, and makes it subject to potential water damage and unreliable connections. It also adds unnecessary expense. We suggest using the heat-shrinkable butt splices (included in the installation hardware kit) OR soldering (and covering with heat shrink tubing) the power leads together.

Do I need to add Relays and/or Fuses?

No – for installation of basic lights and electronics, you may connect the power leads directly to one another by soldering or using heat-shrinkable butt splices.

Exceptions: if you are connecting loads that will exceed 85% of the circuit’s capacity OR if you are connecting accessories with inductive loads (compressors, pumps, large fans), then you SHOULD put a relay in line.

Do I have to connect the two Trigger wires (Pink, White)?

No – the pink wire is solely for setting up an external trigger source for one or more of the outputs that are powered by the Switch-Pros system. The white wire is also an external trigger wire, but also allows you to provide an input for dimmable backlighting during nighttime driving.

The LED above a switch flashed three times, and then the output shut off. Why?

Either the circuit is overloaded or there is a short in your wiring. The flashing LED is a warning that your circuit is shutting down due to an issue in your wiring. All other circuits will remain active. You must correct the wiring issue, or the LED will flash each time you press the switch, and the output will remain off.

Can you make custom legends for my build?

No – the minimum production run is 2,000 sheets of the same artwork. Therefore, we do not do one-offs or custom legends.

Does the system come with legends for my switch panel?

Yes – Each system has 100 polycarbonate legends in the box.

Do you offer sponsorships?

If you have a project you believe we would have an interest in partnering with you on, please send a proposal, with complete build spec, a calendar of events, and an estimated dollar value for exposure, and submit it to support@switch-pros.com. No phone calls, please.